New Work Featured at Galerie Equipe “CONTEMPLER”

New Work Featured at Galerie Equipe “CONTEMPLER”

I would like to thank everyone at Galerie Equipe for having me.

Contempler flyer

On Friday, September 26 I featured a new piece in a collective show called “Contempler” featured along side other talented artists.

As described by the curator of the show Ivan Vazquez: “Meaning to “look with thought or observe attentively . “Society and mainstream media often masks and dilutes what is really there. This exhibition explores questions ranging from the personal to the general. From really big issues to small ones”

Alouise from (Ohio)Mixed media Artist

Gregg G. Cooper Visual/mixed media artist

DMNOLOGY Visual/Mixed media artist

Liz Flores

Visual/Mixed media artist

Bo Howe (Ashville, North Carolina) Visual/ Glass works artist

John Pahlas, Sculptor

Chantala Kommanivanh Visual/Mixed media artist

Carolina I. Reyes

Soke, Visual/Mixed media artist

Ivan Vazquez Art Visual/Mixed media artist

Soundscape by: JayFu
Spoken word by: EclipticShadow Ideologists (Ideologists/ChiRock Nation)s

Multi colored tears bleeding from your eyes.

My New piece from the show: Multicolored tears bleeding from your eyes…..

Questions about the piece… me @

Galerie Equipe “Contempler”

Here is a link to a sneak preview video I made:

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New Updates! New Studio! New Photos!

” Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see.”
William Newton Clarke

New Updates!  There has been a long hiatus since my last post, due to the transition into a new studio space located in the Edgewater area.  New studio, means new work! I am working currently on a new body of work for a proposal for an artist residency in Europe.  Those who are familiar with my work have known my work to be Surrealistic, Pop, and Urban in style.  I have taken 2 1/2 years from showcasing my work to travel and study different artistic skills.  I have followed the music scene in Chicago for those past 2 years watching and learning new technologies and intensifying my audio sensory learning skills.  I wanted to challenge myself as an artist and push my work in a new direction, such as Modern abstraction.  I am not satisfied with creating pretty imagery even though it came natural and easy for me, instead I wanted to tackle a style or new skill that would be difficult for me.  I wanted it to challenge me, make me uncomfortable, yet help to explore a different way of thinking and working.   I have discovered that although, not knowing how to approach this new method, I started exploring it through photography, and have been loving every minute of it.

 Follow my work on Instagram @carolinaireyes



























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Interstellar Beats | Jeremiah Jae | Lanzo | Beyond Luck |Painting: Carolina I.Reyes Live @ Jerry’s FEB 8th.

at Interstellar Beats | Jeremiah Jae | Lanzo | Beyond Luck |Painting: Carolina I.Reyes Live @ Jerry’s FEB 8th.

Great night of #Sounds and #Sight unite!

#carolinaireyes #artist #musiclover #culture #livepainting

Photos from Live Painting at Interstellar beats Jerry’s – Wicker Park live painting at Jerrys

Flyer handmade by: Christopher N. Thomopoulos
Lanzo n me

Now: — with Carington Duvalier PierreLanzo andCarolina I. Reyes.

Photo Credit: Christopher N. Thomopoulos

Me @ jerrys softfocus

Photo credit: Justin Breaux

— at Interstellar Beats | Jeremiah Jae | Lanzo | Beyond Luck | Live @ Jerry’s FEB 8th.

me as a cat paintingPhoto credit: Justin Breaux
Me in art action

Photo Credit: Carington Duvalier PierreLanzome n my painting

Photo credit: Justin Breaux


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Opening Night for 1+1=Community at Openwall Chicago

Open wall show





“Women’s roles in art have always fascinated me and fueled my artistic practices. Forming a strong unit of active local female artists who strive to overthrow institutional barriers which isolate and neglect exhibiting women artists is a personal mission. So when I met Carolina—we were both representing female artists at a live painting event at Lincoln Park Zoo—and then saw her work and engaged in conversation, we connected. It was clear our missions, lifestyles and self-motivation aligned. Since then she has come to inspire me to disregard what others think and keep investing in self-discovery and spreading love. She is independent yet has much compassion, and that is clear in her vibrant, thoughtful artwork. Her work is what art should be: thought provoking.”
-Rachel Lechocki- on why she chose Carolina I. Reyes
“Thank you so much Rachel Lechocki for inviting me to be apart of the show.  Thank you Radius for gracing us with your set during the show.   I am truly grateful to be surrounded by such talented artists and musicians.  It was my honor.”
-Carolina I. Reyes-
If anyone missed the show, it will be up until the end of the month; be sure to make your way to it before it comes down.

City of Chicago-Ward 47 4243 North Lincoln Ave. Chicago 60618

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My Next Exhibit!!!-Special invitation by Rachel Lechocki

I have been invited by Rachel Lechocki
to show work here………..Would love to meet and great everyone……Let’s talk ART!

1+1 OpenWall Chicago 2013
Artist Agustina Diez Sierra, Bill Moran Bonnie Zak, Carolina Reyes, Diane Ponder Jayson Lawfer Kelly Feldmiller, Maggie Rife Photography , Maria Ponce Berre Melisa Oro, Nicole Hollander , Patricia Larkin Green Artist, Petr Poliak @Rachel Lechocki SPEstes, Tam Dillman DillmanOpen wall show

St. Olga
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Cyclops girl Cyclops girl2

I am working on a new Collection of art work for my Portfolio to be reviewed in an art residency in a country yet to be disclosed.

I will definitely keep everyone updated once things are finalized.  So this is the first stage of this specific painting, it was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in several years.  The idea of how technology is changing the world of Photography and Art.  Everything has been homogenized, copied, reproduced, and lost its unique personal quality; the very part that makes it different and special.  This particular piece also plays on a personal challenge of having the ability to see properly.  It also plays on a spiritual level of using the third eye of clairvoyance.  “esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight……..refers to the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness.”-Wikipedia

I would like to know what it reminds you of and how it makes you feel, please let me know in the comments box.

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COLLABORATION PROJECT……….engaging in new challenges………..

Rainbow leads from the streets to the sky!

Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 5.00.59 PM

I am currently working on a Public Art Mural/Mosaic project with Artists Andy B., Ruben Aguirre, and Melon


Mosaic Muralist: Andy B.

Muralist: Ruben Aguirre

Muralist: Melon

Mixed Media Artist: Carolina I. Reyes

Challenge: how to work with other artists, especially if you’re used to working alone.

Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 4.59.43 PM

Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 5.00.27 PM

Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 5.00.45 PMIt was a fun project to work with other artists, to learn new skills, and learning their processes.  There was so much excitement when spraying bright colors on to the wall.  The sense of Color therapy added to the neighborhood ….lifted the mood during this hot summer day.

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